Drive-sharing Australia

In order to provide employment for the unemployed and underemployed, we have developed a unique alternative for individuals interested in becoming UBER drivers but who don’t have, or have access to, an appropriate motor vehicle meeting UBER requirements.

Benefits offered by the Drive-share Australia Initiative

  • Drivers will be have access to vehicles located at a number of key locations (these will be identified in each UBER operating regions) within easy access and inclusive of public transport in each major city
  • Additional driver and customer service/safety training will be provided by UrCommunity in line with UBER’s five star driver rating system and the developed UrCommunity customer service & safety training
  • Mentoring of drivers will also be provided by UrCommunity in an ongoing capacity whilst they participate in the model to assist with their personal development and to address any issues or concerns
  • Drivers experiencing extreme financial hardship, will have upfront access with fees initially being paid by UrCommunity for their medical examination and/or accreditation fees as required
  • Drivers will be assisted to buy their own vehicle through UBER as quickly as is appropriate for each driver, dependent on their individual circumstances and development 

Proposed Project Outline & Scope
We aim to purchase vehicles which when UBER approved will be utilised in current UBER operating regions to begin offering the unemployed or underemployed opportunities to drive utilising our vehicles.

This initiative will focus on those individuals who meet our target criteria (outlined below), and who do not have a suitable vehicle (according to UBER requirements) or whose vehicle requires repairs to meet the UBER standards which they are unable to afford due to a lack of financial capacity.

We intend to provide a driver training and support program including ongoing mentoring to develop their skill sets and ensure that they maximise the UBER driving opportunity.

We intend to set up a number of vehicle pickup sites at appropriate locations within each UBER Region in order to provide bases from which the drivers can attend to collect the vehicle to drive on their preferred shift.

Drivers will be contracted under a signed Agreement by UrCommunity Ltd to participate in this initiative.

Drivers are able to nominate their preferred driving periods, they can also work at any other times they wish (subject to vehicle availability).

Upon payments being made by UBER to the account, UrCommunity will further assist drivers by checking the details and following up any discrepancies on the drivers behalf.

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