Where the currency is time instead of cash.

Timebanking is an alternate exchange system that is community focused and based on a system of reciprocity among members. In a Timebank, the time spent on an activity earns time credits and all work undertaken by participants, is considered of equal value. In other words, one hour of time spent providing a skill or service to someone else, earns you an hour of time credits for yourself.

One of the core purposes of a successful a Timebank is to build social capital in communities through establishing and sustaining social networks based on reciprocity through the exchange system. With people willing to share, to give as well as receive from others, an atmosphere of mutual trust is created. These are features of Timebanks that mark them out from the more traditional forms of volunteering.

One of UrCommunities core strategic goals is to reduce members’ cost of living by between 10 to 20% using the UrCommunity Timebanking System. This will be achieved by providing members with access to FREE nutritious Meals, three times a day, seven days a week at our community cafes, along with savings they achieve by trading goods and services on our Timebanking platform using Timebanking credits.

To start trading all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the Discover button and then the Skills and Products link. (This will take you to the search page for Skills and Products).
  2. Enter the Skill/Service or Product that you are looking for in the ‘Search for Skills and Products‘ field, and the page will then create a list of members providing the Skill/Service or Product you are looking for.
  3. At this point you can either click the Buy button, to purchase the product or click the Chat button to speak to the member about the offering if you require more information.
  4. Once you’ve clicked on the Buy button, your order will be listed in your shopping cart. You can then either go to the checkout and finalise the transaction or continue shopping for other Skills/Services and Products.
  5. To finalise the transaction, go to the checkout and click on the ‘Place Order’ button.
  6. Please note that some Products are listed with a $ amount and it is suggested that you use PayPal to pay the $ amount to help ensure the security of the transaction.

Congratulations, you are now a Time trader. Please take the time to enter at least one Skill/Service and Product to your account as the more people who do this, the more vibrant and useful this website will become for all.

To take advantage of the Free Meal offer, please go to the Café page for a list of café locations near you.

Timebanking Membership levels

Membership level 1: Will allow free access to food, goods and services as projects are established or expanded. Members will receive 7 hours of UrCommunity Timebanking bonus credits per week, which can be used to exchange for meals at no cost from our UrCommunity Cafés1. Further, level 1 members are not required to participate, contribute or earn any of these bonus time credits to receive the free meals.

Membership level 2: This is open to any member of the community, and will allow members to trade with other members using the UrCommunity Timebanking credits. This will earn members additional Timebanking credits which in turn may be exchanged for more goods and services offered by UrCommunity and other users. Members at this level and above, will be able to offset much of their cost of living using the Timebanking system with the credits they’ve earned.

Membership level 3: This level is for members who want to volunteer to work for UrCommunity on one of the many community projects which are underway or being developed. Members participating in this category will be entitled to a greater range of goods and services, as well as designated training programs available through UrCommunity.

Membership level 4: This level is reserved for Members who wish to apply to become program mentors and/or program leaders. This has been created for those who are prepared to become involved in a leadership role to assist us achieve the objectives and goals of the organisation by creating a more inclusive community which is free from poverty and inequity.

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  1. Please note that our free meal program is available at our cafés every day of the week. Our UrCommunity Hubs will supply free meals at specific days and times as advertised at each Hub site.