Reviews from Facebook

  Fiona Adams, 16/4/18
"We finally made it to the Sunshine store, thanks for opening late on a Sunday! We got a mix of fresh and frozen meals, ready for the week. 9 year old had Spaghetti Bolognese last night, perfect size for her and no waste. I had Thai Green Chicken with Rice, WOW, huge size, perfect for a big mumma  see you again soon xx"
Michelle Simmons, 19/4/18
"Popped in to west sunshine today and grabbed tea and a few extra. The staff are friendly and informative, the meals are amazing."
Belinda Volcevski, 22/3/18
"We LOVED IT. HUGE shout out to you guys. Not oily & fatty. So full of flavour. I’m a huge food lover and this is A+"
  Ben Lees 27/3/18
"We just finished our first week of meals and are loving it so far! Being able to collect 10 meals per week from a location close by, has been amazing.
No longer do I have to stress about cooking after work. I come home, pour a wine and heat up some yummy meals and get to properly relax. Best part of this is the fact that profits go to supporting people in our community who are really in need."
  Ruby Strong, 12/11/17
"Love the people and the food! They are down to earth and no matter how busy they are they always take the time to ask how you are. For my struggling family this has been a god send because it now means we don’t have to miss meals anymore. We can all eat. What a difference you guys make."
Nikki White 3/3/18
"I started out getting 5 meals a week but before long I realised I needed many more! The meals have been a lifesaver for this working mum for lunch and dinner. Colleagues are always asking what the delicious smell is coming from my office. Now with having the Sunshine site open now I can pop in a collect them easily after work."
Craig Preston, 21/2/2018
"We have been eating their meals for a while now and couldn’t be happier. Their so damn tasty and cooked to perfection. Meat so tender you can pull apart with a fork.
We are a large family, so very time poor and ‘Feeding Australia’ has been a blessing. Now we can eat healthy satisfying meals all the time; we like it so much we haven’t cooked since subscribing.
Everyone can have something different for dinner or heat it all up and we have a bit of everything. Our kids are really enjoying the meals even with vegetables in them and we all know how hard it is to get kids to eat their vegies.
The meals are also great for people watching their weight as i am.
Don’t let the low price fool you. It’s excellent quality food. Staff have been wonderful. Whether you’re just time poor or struggling to put healthy dinners on the table ,I urge you to give ‘UrCommunity Feeding Australia’ a go."
  Amanda Gordon, 20/2/18
"Love the meals! Been getting the meals for a while now and my personal favourites are the lasagna and lamb kofta. Makes my day knowing I have a delicious meal waiting for me. I can't wait for more sites to open 😁"
  Ana Station, 10/2/18
"I am loving this! We've struggled to cook with our newborn and this is a life saver!"
  Missy McHarrison, 3/4/18 
"Absolutely amazing yummy meals, hats off to the chef's this was our 1st week of 20 meals.
Have just ordered for next week 20 meals. This will be a weekly thing for us. Very pleased an absolutely yummy :-)"
  Liz Braddock, 19/3/2018
"The meals are really good. I enjoy getting them every week. good for my budget- am on a limited income havent got a lot of money to spend on food. Keep up the good work."
   Jen Jenkins, 
"I cannot thank you all enough for such a great service of healthy, low priced meals! This service allows me to spend more quality time with family, knowing they will all have a healthy meal on the table at the end of a busy work day."
  Jenny Hogg, 17/11/17
“I purchased a membership a few weeks ago, and I have nothing but praise for the food and the service. With 4 kids, it is difficult to keep everybody happy, but all the meals we have tried have been a success in our house! Paula has also been incredibly helpful with any questions that I have had, guiding me through the ordering process. I highly recommend you give the meals a try as I am sure that you won't be disappointed!”
Lisa-Marie Malic, 25/11/17
"...As most people are time poor this community group is a God send to my family and my elderly parents, we would not be able to feed ourselves as conveniently or as healthy as we do now without the help of Altona food hub.
On another note, I find them to be most helpful, have always taken on my feedback, always been flexible ( especially when i forgot to pick up 20meals..oops) and very professional. I highly recommend the subscriptions, so they can buy fresh food in bulk and continue to support the community in this fashion.
Thanks guys, your hard work has not gone unnoticed! Cheers, Lisa."
Melissa Carson, 15/11/17
“I am stocking up my freezer in preparation for when my bub arrives (3 weeks) and I have no time to cook but still want home cooked meals. However, I can’t stop "trying" them each delivery. My favourite so far is the Lasagna... amazing! Although it's the service that has really blown me away. I have messed up a few times with ordering (baby brain), but the team respond to my messages instantly and are always so super helpful. How lucky am I to be part of this community!”
Bianca Tracey, 24/10/17
You have no idea how much this program has helped my family along! With 5 kids under 9, it has at times been a struggle with evening routines, trying to sort dinner out, or at my worst, just trying to feed myself to make sure the kids never missed out. (As any Mum would do)
Since joining, I’m not stressing over what’s for dinner every night or having to worry about cooking after a long day, as it’s all cooked ready to go. I’m actually saving money as well.
The meals are super quick and easy to heat up, awesome value for money and most importantly, taste AHmazing!
I’m glad I took the time to try the meals!! For anyone who is yet to purchase a subscription or is unsure about trying out the program, just give it a go because you’ll too realise it does change your life for the better!!!!
Allison Protetto, 20/2/18
“Tasty and healthy meals for the whole family, wonderful friendly service and great to see some low carb options on the menu, fantastic community effort.”
  Nicole W, 10/6/17
“I decided to have take-away tonight but didn't want the usual pizza/fish'n'chips. I came across this fb page. Omg! The food was delicious!! At $7.00 a meal was super cheap so wasn't expecting much. But was I surprised. It was so worth the trip because they don't deliver out this far but WOW the food was way above my expectations. I have picky kids and they finished their plates. We got butter chicken w/rice (my fav) lasagne, penne with a creamy white wine and bacon sauce and a mushroom risotto. Definitely enough to feed a family of 4 with left overs. (Rocky our fur baby got the left overs and licked his bowl clean lol). Definitely worth the drive. High 5 to the chef! “
Suzanne Marambio, 20/5/2017 
"Went for a tasting session today and highly impressed with taste of meals and quality of service. For those who are time poor cooking, living on their own, seniors or families just wanting to give yourselves a break from planning and being the chef of the house, sign up to the service! It's chef quality and you can pick your meals for the next 5 days. Plus you are supporting the cause of ensuring everyone can eat a meal at affordable price of $3 a day!"
  Jill Carroll, 25/2/18
“Omg I just had the meatballs and mash was amazing. Makes my life easy; will be back!!”
  Collette Haydon John, 16/6/17
“Signed up and collected our first meals yesterday. Must say my only real hesitation was whether our typically fussy young kids would eat the food. Well happy to report that creamy leek penne (last night) and sausage rolls today were eaten all up, green bits and all! Such yummy fresh food, amazing value and glad to contribute to such a wonderful community program.”
  Jack N Leanne, 30/1/17
“This is an amazing service!!!!
Originally when I heard I had my doubts, but I am happy to admit that I have never been so wrong. I have been a few times and the food, the variety and the quality is great. Even my husband loves them and is excited to see what I bring home.
There is no way that I could find the time or to prepare the meals that are available for collection whilst trying to spend what precious time that I have with my toddler.
Thanks guys keep up the amazing job!”
Jen Jenkins, 30/1/17
“I cannot thank you all enough for such a great service of healthy meals. This service allows me to spend more quality time with family, knowing they will all have a healthy meal on the table at the end of a busy work day.”
  Jenny Hale, 9/8/17
“Even the fussist eater in my house loves the food from here. A very happy single mum. Love having cooked meals in the freezer”
  Paige Lamoureux, 15/8/17
“Delicious!! Took me a couple of weeks before taking the plunge, I'm a real foodie and the meals are wonderful. Thank you for an amazing service”
  Bec Gray, 29/6/17
“If you're after delicious, portion-controlled meals, then give this a go! It works so well for my partner and I, we'll definitely be keeping our monthly memberships going.”
Karen O, 16/6/17
“I signed up to have my work-lunch sorted and it's been amazing not having to worry about what to cook/ pack for work. Good quality food as well! thank-you.“
  Alice Strickland, 8/7/17
“Today I picked up our first lot of meals. I just finished having the Vegetable Dahl & it was so tasty. I cannot wait to try the rest. This is such a great initiative to get behind & support.”
  Jodes Carruthers, 11/6/17
“I purchased a membership to the Altona North Healthy Food Hub yesterday and I was so impressed with the food! Delicious and such wonderful value!!”
    Tara Heels, 30/1/17
“Such a fantastic organisation.
I have been very pleasantly surprised with how nice the meals are. Plenty of veg and variety. It's working brilliantly for us and I highly recommend this service.”
  Angela Brown, 9/2/17
“You guys run an amazing service.  I have had an injured foot and been largely unable to cook, you guys saved my bacon and my son has been able to eat home cooked meals - thank you!  Very selfless work you do.“
Bernadette Valarde, 19/8/17
“The convenience is amazing, thank you for the healthy meals!”
Wendy Lake, 8/5/17
“Yum Lentil cottage pie is delish... look forward to trying the chicken curry”
  Ofelia Bellman, 24/6/17
“The food is amazing, hope everyone in the community gets behind you guys. Keep up the great work!”