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  • Sequined heart ...

    Sequined heart ...

    Hearts for little girls as that’s what they do best – Size 10 Condition, preloved, a little wear

  • Coloured Butter...

    Coloured Butter...

    Preloved Size 10 TShirt for butterfly-obsessed little girls

  • 1D 1Direction O...

    1D 1Direction O...

    Hot pink, not just for 1D fans as its very cosy! Hardly worn as my daughter grew out of it too quick

  • House Cleaner

    Hi, I need someone to help me with the housework thanks

  • Videographer

    Hi guys, I'd like someone to help us with our UrCommunity company video. Thanks Peter

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Executive Director

My responsibilities include development of projects that help to underpin the sustainability of UrCommunity nfp and at the same time provide the maximum amount of community benefit.

Projects that we are currently working on include:

The UrCommunity Café which we are developing in the Yarraville area with another nfp. We are planning to open it by July 2015 and will post more information about it as we draw closer to the opening.

The second project we are working on is the Business Food Forest which aims to provide 50% of the organic fruit and vegetables required by the hospitality industry. We are working with a number of experts in the fields of horticulture, hydroponics and Aquaponics to develop a hothouse were the environment is totally controlled to allow us to produce high yields of fruit and vegetables in any environment.

The third project we are working on is the UrCommunity Timebanking System for the general public This project aims to provide an alternative barter currency to help transition attitudes away from an economic transactional perspective towards a more socially integrated perspective.

All of these projects are currently well developed and we have recently completed a 3 month marketing project with Monash University. Marketing students in their final year were asked to come up with marketing plans for the above three projects. We'd like to thank the students, tutors, professors and the University for their ongoing support for our projects.

For more information please visit our website: www.UrCommunity.org.au or contact me at peter@urcommunity.com.au

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